Goldie Autumn 2018

Goldie Autumn 2018

Why fashion & Relationships?

Life is a team game: relationships are vital to wellbeing at any age; statistically we live longer if we surround ourselves with people we care about. Do our relationships change as we age? Are our emotional needs the same as they were in our youth and what about our relationship with ourselves?

We look at love from all sides – from a long lasting (42 years) very stylish marriage to all manner of online dating dilemmas, with tips for date-dressing and how to do the perfect later-in-life wedding.

As ever our love of fashion ( that’s what connected Rebecca and Weef, they are terribly shallow) runs through the whole issue with pages of glossy images designed to whet your appetite for dressing up and hanging out just like you did when clubbing was a weekly occurrence. Which may well still be the case for some of you!

We have art - an interview with Tim Yip, travel inspiration – fancy chucking it all in and heading to Asia? – Sex – desire doesn’t end at 50 - and death - how to talk about the end.

We are jam packed: 138 pages of Glossy GOLDIE fabulous ways to be the best *old people ever. Written and produced by cool stylish individuals defying the stereotypes of ageing.

NEXT issue out January 2019

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What we do and why we do it

Goldie magazine® began as a conversation after a few glasses of red wine one Friday evening in East London. We had an idea to create a stylish, pioneering, genuine and inspiring magazine which reflected the world we saw around us; a world full of extraordinary-ordinary like-minded, passionate game-changers, style-makers and rebels. It seemed a good time to start a magazine about the kind of people we encountered who are not letting age get in the way of having a good time. Those contrarians who don’t play by the normal rules, the deviants who thrive in messy, changeable times and welcome ambiguity without fear, and the curious anarchists who think and act differently. People like us.

We are magazine fans who were depressed to find that there were no magazines that jumped off the newsstand and enticed us to part with our cash. We were bought up on The Face and wanted to recreate that thrill for our generation. We have many years of experience in print media and fashion, an extensive network of journalists and photographers, and we aren’t ready to stop making a difference. Many of our contributors have put in years on UK magazines and newspapers, both as writers and subeditors. We believe that expertise shouldn’t go to waste and that redundancy is just another word for opportunity. We are also connected to a network of researchers and positive practitioners who are at the cutting edge of work into positive ageing. We think their findings can be shared with style and humour

Whether you want to write for us, have us talk at your event, have a blinding idea for getting the word-out-there, or want to advertise in GOLDIE magazine, we are always happy to grab a coffee and chat.

Contact Rebecca (editor) or Weef (art director) for more information.

GOLDIE media Ltd publishes GOLDIE magazine 4 times a year. The rest of the time we are dancing and drinking red wine with friends.

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